So today my Brother, Father and I are in Florida visiting Disney World’s attractions with my Mom and Niece. Today was a rest day and what better to do with our time than to find a friendly gun range and spend the day shooting targets with firearms that are not allowed in the UK.

After multiple recommendations we headed to Oak Ridge Gun Range.

The crew there were friendly and knew their stuff and after a little wait (hey, it is President’s Day, afterall!) we got on the range with a Glock 17.

Unfortunately I didn’t get much video of me on the range but here’s my Dad;

And Brother;

Then we graduated to my favorite pistol, the 1911… unfortunately the first one we got was a little dirty and kept jamming we managed a mag each before I went and changed it.

And the Dad;

Then finally we ended with a .357 Magnum Snubnosed Revolver.

Me first;

The Brother;

And finally Dad;

In review, The Glock, reliable though it is feels decidedly “run of the mill” – maybe it’s the safety on the trigger, or it’s the polymer chassis, but it just doesn’t feel special like the 1911 does. The 1911 fits my rather oversized hands perfectly and handles great, it still holds the top spot for my favorite pistol, but when it comes to the wow factor, I don’t think I’ve ever fired a pistol with the kick the .357 had. It surely is a little hand cannon and I would not want to be on the recieving end, however I think I’d much rather have the accuracy and finesse that comes with the 1911, but then when it comes to your life, can anything really compete with the boring reliability of a Glock…?

Ahhh, so much indecision, I think we’ll have to go again.

So Who Won?

Well, I’d love to say that I out shot everyone, but although pistols have been vilified in the UK for almost 20 years, apparently my father has not lost his touch. With that I think we’re all winners as we got to spend the afternoon at the range together as a family and had a wail of a time, isn’t that what it’s really all about..? 🙂