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Kingsbury Ranges at 600 Yards

Quick post following the drizzly day at Kingsbury ‘A’ Range yesterday. From the moment I arrived at around 8:15 until about 12:45 it was miserable all day, but it did clear up for the 600 yard shoot in the afternoon…. Continue Reading →

UK Visitors Shooting in Florida, US Part 2

Following on from my post “Shooting in Florida as a Tourist” towards the end of our touring Disney theme parks in Orlando Florida we had a secondary free day, during which we decided to head to the range one last… Continue Reading →

Shooting in Florida as a Tourist

So today my Brother, Father and I are in Florida visiting Disney World’s attractions with my Mom and Niece. Today was a rest day and what better to do with our time than to find a friendly gun range and… Continue Reading →

Theoben Air Rifle Results After Rebuild

Preface Previously I had posted about the Theoben Air Rifle of my fathers that needed an overhaul. Well I got chance to visit Dudley Rifle Club tonight which has a 25 yard, 4 lane indoor range. Not only was I… Continue Reading →

A Brief Overview of Reloading .308/7.62mm Ammunition… Part 2

So in part 1 we went through full length sizing, neck sizing, de-priming, case length sizing and finally chamfering. So we’re most of the way through our case prep. From here we continue… ALWAYS SEEK EXPERT ADVICE WHEN EXPERIMENTING WITH… Continue Reading →

A Brief Overview of Reloading .308/7.62mm Ammunition… Part 1

So a distant memory of when I was little, living in my childhood home was that of sitting around watching movies whilst dad pressed .38 calibre bullets for his, then .357 Magnum Smith and Wesson Handgun (reluctantly I never did… Continue Reading →

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