Okay, So you’ve found my site, from wherever you are and by whatever means. But what does it all mean? What’s it all about and who or what are the Three G’s…?

Well, everyone’s got to have hobbies, right? Mine are the Three G’s. The three things in life that make me happy. What I work for and what I live for.


I’ve always loved shooting, from an early age I was brought up around guns. My dad shot (and still does) everything from air rifles to 12 gauge shotguns, from .22lr to 7.62x51mm. It was all around me when I was young, helping to load pistol calibre bullets (.38spl) in the living room and getting coached into shooting.

I had my first shotgun at age 9, a 20 bore over and under. We used to shoot most Sundays at Cross Gun Club in Kinver. I have great memories of it. I used to shoot in a jacket and sling at Stourbridge Rifle Club when I was 12 for around a year. My dad started working away and I didn’t get much chance from then until I was 23 to shoot apart from the occasional driven shoot, or air rifle plinking.

That’s when I joined Dudley Rifle Club and began shooting competitively. Fullbore and Smallbore.


When I was in primary school I used to play keyboard. I got a decent clonazepam to buy grounding in music and music theory, although was never considered a “virtuoso”. I played Keyboard until I got to Secondary school, at which point I thought it was considered “uncool” and decided to stop playing my instrument.

By year 8 I was missing playing music and opted to save my money for a guitar. After winning bingo with my parents whilst on holiday I had in my hand enough money to put a deposit on a “Legend” Stratocaster Copy which became my first guitar. From there it snowballed.

I’ve probably owned over 20 guitars so far, with no signs of sticking to that number. I’ve owned most Marshall amps and some other brands. And I’m a huge pedal whore. I’ve built and modified a number of pedals and amps and I’ll try and show some progress pictures from these projects on my blog.

I currently play guitar and sing in My Great Affliction.


Well. Yeah. Haha…


So there you have it. The Three G’s. What makes me tick.