My Great Affliction, comprising of Ste Gough – Guitar + Vocals, Daz Wright – Bass + Backing Vocals and Craig Horobin on Drums, released their first new music for 6 years in the shape of their new Single, Poison Remedy.

PR encapsulates the bands renewed vigour and enthusiasm following years of trials and challenges throughout their personal and musical lives.

The Single, was recorded with Trevor Gibson at Circle Studios, Birmingham and was mastered by Zak Zikis of Zikis Mastering.

Poison Remedy Release Date

Out Now!!

Official release date: 11th October, 2019.

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This is My Great Affliction’s first buy daz valium musical release since Good Times To Come / Sick and Tired, and first music video since Another Man.

About My Great Affliction

My Great Affliction, a collection of musical souls traversing the ether to reach current culmination sometime mid 2012 in the Black Country, UK. Drawing influence from some of the lesser known musicians to come from the area, such as Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Diamond Head and more, My Great Affliction write music about their own lives, triumphs, failures and the everyday mundaneness of day to day life with accompanied by a Heavy Rock sound with smatterings of influence from various corners of other genres of music.