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Month August 2015

Brave The Shave 2015 – Getting Chopped!

Live Rounds Testing Tier One Spartan 3 Moderator .223

Preface Following on from my Tier One Spartan 3 Moderator Comparison Review – .223 Blanks test a few weeks ago, I finally got chance to get to the range and do some Load Development for my Remington 700 in .223… Continue Reading →

Batch Testing Lapua .22lr Ammunition at Lord Roberts Centre, Bisley

Preface I was re-introduced to shooting just over 5 years ago. I shoot prone target rifle competitively for Worcestershire County at Dudley Rifle Club along side shooting individually and for the club. I have shot at County level for the… Continue Reading →

When Did Ebay Get So Greedy?

I’m on the save for a new rifle, and I decided what better time to get rid of a load of video games I don’t ever play on than now. I priced up some of the games on the “cash… Continue Reading →

Brave The Shave – 2 Weeks To Go!

This is my call, 2 weeks to go to raise £1000 to cut my long hair off...

Slow The Pace – Ace Of Spades Cover

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