Just before I’m off out on Christmas Eve for a few pints and a curry with the lads (a bit of a tradition) I’ve just been made aware of the third review of my band (My Great Affliction) from our last gig of 2015.

You can read it here:

From the awesome Midlands Rocks team.


“…They seem to have been quiet of late but they’re excellent tonight….”

Maximum Volume got involved too


“as riffs and guitar tone is king here. This is not totally new look though and “Mountain (Out Of A Molehill)” is excellent, as is the closing “Narcissist”.”

Yes, we’ll have a bit of that! And last but by no means least:

The Musical Outcast did a review


“I’m finding it hard to find the words to sum up what was an utterly breathless affair.”

Merry Christmas

Have a very jolly Christmas time with friends and family etc. It’s buy ambien over the counter coming up to a year of having my blog and I’ve gone from barely any readers to over 1200 in a month. Hopefully I write stuff that people are interested in and the coming 2016 I hope to write much, much more.

Ho Ho Ho!